Tongue Tie

Are you having problems with your latch?

How And Why Does It Affect Breastfeeding?

Babies may have problems maintaining a secure latch. They usually over compensate by increased suction causing nipple damage and pain. When they no longer can maintain a latch through suction, there may be a clicking noise and a slight loss of suction or the baby may completely detach from the breast. This may not only cause pain but the baby's ability to adequately drain the breast, leading to supply issues. In severe cases, baby is really not able to latch at all.

Symptoms and Indications:

If any of the following are present, a frenectomy or tongue tie procedure may be recommended.

Infant's symptoms may include failure to gain weight, excessive fussiness after feeding (may be indicative of lasting hunger), shallow latch-on and loud clickingsounds during nursing.

Mother's symtoms may include severe pain with latch-on during breastfeeding, incomplete breast drainage, mastitis or nipple thrush, constant or chronic pain during nursing, infected nipples, plugged ducts or nipple trauma (such as cracking, bleeding, bruising, creasing or flattened nipples)

Child/Adult symptoms may include discomfort or pain when extending the tongue, difficulty maneuvering the mouth, painful catching of the frenum in between the teeth or on eating utensils, speech impediment, difficulty brushing, flossing or othodontic complications.

How Long Does The Procedure Take?

The procedure only takes a few minutes and you can start feeding your baby immediately afterwards in our quiet and private nursing room. Some babies sleep through it, while others may cry a little and only briefly.

A small amount of bleeding is normal. A white patch may form around the area which takes about 24 to 48 hours to heal but doesn't bother the baby.

Immediately following the procedure you will be taken to our quiet nursing room where you will be able to feed and comfort your baby privately.

Is This Procedure Covered by My Dental Insurance?

  • Most Dental Insurances cover the procedure.
  • We will file your claim electronically for you.